As an artist
All the creations are the subject matter to me





My practice involves a series of projects related to communications, exploring relationships between human interactions and urban spaces. I seek out certain public and private physical places around the city: an abandoned building, an enclosed area, a private living space, or a public park. These spaces may be actual locations or imagined dream places. I am trying to investigate how space is used and occupied by people. My process includes observing the space, communicating with people across multiple platforms, and then collecting, recording and documenting results.

The medium is a combination of image, graphic work, poetry, photography and installation. My practice is exploratory, with no fixed structure or end result. Therefore, each project may take it’s own finished form as a website, poster, or photographic installation. The final presentation of each project is somewhere between designed and un-designed, fitting into the space available. A space is created to allow viewers to seek their own meaning.
~ 2014


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