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🍋Pai Yu Hsuan – Known as Bai Pai 
💨UX / Product Designer, Creator, Artist, Photographer, Adventurer
📧bai@paiyuhsuan.com & ublvm.727@gmail.com




I am from Taiwan, and I have resident London(2015-2017) and New York(2010-2015). I am always seeking challenges in boundaries, I am grateful to have chances to stretch beyond my comfort zone across cities, countries and industries. I nurturing my foundation in physical and internet community to better understand the principal formula. And the journey never stops.

I grew up in the manufacturing family business before most of the factories shifted to China in the 2000s. I was influenced by my father as an enterprise product maker. I love to draw when I was 5, I won many prizes since then. Tell a story is what I am always good at, at age 16, I won my first photo prize by illustrating three pictures. During university, I learned visual theory and concept developer from my BFA in fine arts at the National University of Tainan. In 2008, I design a 7 days child experience workshop where I combine education and local environment after I teach at a children art tutorial class. The following year, 2009, I founded an Airbnb style project, Jump%In-between, in my home for short-term lodging for people to experiencing escape in life. I learned Airbnb at 2011. My interview ability develops from this project. I attended MFA in digital media at Pratt Institute, where I gained a strong tech foundation in the digital world, interactive knowledge and ways of research. In 2012, I directed and curated, My Little Space, to invest people about their private/home space in order to demonstrate New York.

Jump%In-between to let people run-away with fantasy in Tainan. In 2012, I made another project, My Little Space, a social urban architecture in New York.


Missing New York in London 2017 – under construction

My Little Space 2012 – ongoing – A project since 2012. The mission to figure out how people think of and treat of the living space, the private space in the 21st century today.

Jump%In-between 2009 – A project that create a space down into a tiny alley. The mission to let people do anything they want in an illusion room.



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2015 Prix de la Photographie Paris ( PX3 ) Third Prize / Advertising – Professional
2009 Kaohsiung Awards Honorable Mentions / Photography
2008 13th International Biennial Honorable Mentions / Print
2007 BenQ Truth Purity and Grace Competition The Third Place / Mixed Media



2017 NASA Space App Challenge UX/UI Designer 🏆Local People’s Choice Winner
2016 Weav Music Hack UX Designer 👉 Weav Run
2015 Facebook + InterTech UX Designer 🎖Special Prize
2015 Food Hack Designer 🏆Three prize
2015 Hack Cancer Designer 



2017 Girls Only Dojo @ Thomson Reuters London
2016 London Design Festival London
2015 Beyond cof London
2013 – 2014 ISCP . Cutlog Art Fair . Idea City: New Museum New York



Tech . Art . Design . Architect . Interaction . Community . City . Culture. Philosophy . Learning . Reading . Workshop . Lecture . Movie . Music . Challenge . Risk . Talk . Everything . Ask questions . Always out of comfort zone




  • Finding a balance between my passion, work and life
  • Fighting for values
  • Have times for day dreaming and empty space