Fort Green Park via MaxMsp

Interactive. Visual. Park. Motion. Video. Sound. MaxMsp. Final Cut Pro. Photoshop

It is a song about Fort Green Park in Brooklyn.
I filmed different parts of park and used MaxMsp catch the movement from video. Each movement represent difference soundtrack, and altogether is a song.



At the first beginning, I was thinking to record the different plants from the park to show the park. But, park should be a place that people and animal share together and have fun at the same time. Because it is a place that full of life, trees, flowers and grass. Finally, I decided film different parts from Fort Greene Park. The video includes people walking, people talking to each other, bird, flower. And use those movement to make a song for the park.


Prototyping & design

Use MaxMsp to trace the movement from the video, and transfer to soundtrack.
Each video will have their own soundtrack, when they put together they will become a song.


For the installation part, my original idea is put each video in one projector. And make them in a long line. My next idea is put all of the video in one computer screen, because I want to make the screen whole of nature and song. And it is make sense to my idea for this project. When I was trying to run more the three HD video at the same time, the computer is crack. After that, I decided to use whole classroom as my showcase. The building is a technique building, it is all over the wires and computers. The only color is gray, black and white. I want to bring nature inside the cold building. I put each video to a computer in one classroom. So the whole classroom will play the song from Fort Green Park. And nature comes.


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