Columbia MFA exhibition handout

Print. Hand Out. Re-create information


One of my favor is check out different exhibitions. I re-make Columbia MFA exhibit’s handout paper to make it more easy to read. The goal is make people get the information easier rather than just a handout design.



-Front part
More than four typography in one page, bold, un-bold, normal. Each part give different details. It is too hard to get the whole information.
The name list in the right side seems add in the last min. “MFA Thesis Exhibition” is too big in the center. The location and time falls in the different place which make it hard to read.

-Back part
This is the third floor map and artist information. A normal way for the floor information.

-Inside part
First, second floor map and details inside the paper. It is a normal way to deal the building information


Design Goal & Solution

-Front part
Title and school on the top to point the show. Put location name, time and address in one place. Year and curator put together to point out is only for this year. Artists and name on the bottom.

-Back part
Put whole floor information in one page. Add number to each name, makes it easier to look for artist in each floor.

-Inside part
Number the artist, and put project information under each number for each artist. Make all information in one page.


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